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It this only a demo? If so, I know what you should have to get it to end. You should make it to where you go to the coordinates and see the cult you joined. Or you can make that an easter egg. Speaking of that, you should put some easter eggs in the game.

This is a masterpiece. I really love the game; the story, the interface, the lurking danger that hides. This is brilliant. Congrats for the award and keep up the amazing work!

I only touched on the game but a really really interesting concept! and so far is a ace piece of work!!

When I try to play this on macOS Sierra the game just crashed, in the moment after Iris begin to restore the starting messages a kind of error. anyone could help me?

The same thing has been happening to me! I can't play the game!

I was blown away by this game, very well executed! I'm not sure if I finished the game though.. towards the end of the video the game vanished. Not sure if I had to go back in to it and something else might of happened or not?? If so I might have to revisit this at some point and see what else will happen and what else to uncover! This is a bloody good game, you guys should be proud of your work!, it definitely gave me the chills!

Video! :D -

can someone explain me if the coordinates that appear ar the end means something, i am wondering if this is like an easter egg or something

The Coordinates in Sara Is Missing. Is Located

some Forest in Malaysia.

oh, thats interesting, thanks for the answer

Why coordinates at forest??... Have something?? Or just entertainment ??


This started really slow and I have to admit I wasn't really into it at first. Once I finished the game however I can see why it was slow to get of the mark, the last 25% of the game is brutal! Really well made game and very original.

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Brilliant game, good writing. The ending I got was a little vague, but good enough for a demo. Big fan of found footage genre. Looking forward to the finished product. Also made a full playthrough video.


Simple game, yet with an intriguing story. I love it.

Can't wait to see it's journey into further development into a complete package.

Good luck in the IMGA Southeast Asia, voted for you guys!

I'm in love with this game its amazing

I'm in love with this game its amazing

Great game !! really !

AMZING GAME!! I'd love to know how many endings the game has (at least the alpha).


I'm in love with this game its amazing

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Hello! I really enjoyed the game, even tho i maybe pissed my pants once or twice... But that's another story, ANYWAY
when i finished the game and i tried to quit the game so i can go back to watching videos or things like that, it wont let me. Since i'm on a mac (Pc's is broken) the only way i can quit is on clicking on the apple on my screen (and that is on full screen automatically so i can't click on it) or clicking on all the very possible keys of my keyboard and it won't work....Since i played the game twice i had to turn off my whole computer twice, and it sucks, am i the only one with that problem or s my computer just bein' a bitch? Plz help meeeeeeeee

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Kubz Scouts sent me here. Is this a demo, or the full game?


Important note: This game STARTS on a jumpscare. it is literally the first thing that happens when you try to do anything.

Love this game :D

I love the game so far but after James call this weird code bar pops up and it just keeps happening. So when i exit it, it makes me have james call again

Threaten James with a restraining order b/c of his harassment. He'll stop calling. You may find your car gets keyed later on though.

This is good game design and an intriguing plot and I have no complaints to this game other than waiting for the full game. However, I have a question:

You used video clips from other mysterious videos such as Red Lips Like Tenth. If the owners of these videos see uncredited or unapproved use of their videos (despite them being mostly vague or mysterious uploaders), will there be any legal consequences or teaming up with the owners?

Played the game. 10/10 for me :)

I have a question, Is the girl part of the developers of this game?

This game just really kept me playing for 1 hour straight that i dont want to get off my seat! The story was really intriguing, suspense and some other time funny (tape and cds bruh haha)

i made a full gameplay and i really enjoyed it the whole time:

i hope you guys win that jam event! i voted for you!

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WAUW ! This game is great ! i love the concept! and the spooky story and that you really took the time to make extra things ( Like multiple Photos in the gallery )
I gonna follow you guys definitely so i stay up to date when you guys drop a new game

For everyone that is interested i currently in the middle of my LP video's of this game here is the first episode

Are there jumpscares

Yes, a couple!

First five minutes; although I started playing it in bed as I was dozing off so I suppose that didn't help.

The game was awesome! Great way of using the mobile mechanics. Made me genuinely uncomfortable and challenged me morally. Well done! I look forward to more from you!

This game was really amazing! I never knew what to expect next and the twists and turns throughout the game kept me wandering what might happen next!

I hope you don't mind but I made a lets play of this game (I only followed through with one ending so that people still want to play):

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Game currently won't run on three PC's. PC version just loads black screen. Then nothing happens.

We're looking into it now. A fix is coming real soon

This game does not work on my pc.

We're looking into the problem now. A fix will be out soon!

This game is Fantastic! Im not going to lie that it works, Really Really Really well. I did a quick Review of the game on my youtube channel. I dont know if this is still in its early in its life i dont know if it half done or if its full. it was lacking in alot of things. I dont like how after you chose at the ending it locks you out to go back as if thats the end of the game. then you need to reset and get a differnt ending. i would actually like to see more of a story besides "HEY SPOOPY THINGS!"

Gonna Do Gameplay Video As Soon As The Game Release For Pc :D. Btw Are You Guys From Malaysia?

Yes we are :D


This game was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Played in Android and it felt so real!!

Looking forward to the PC port :)

It's going to be ready sooner than you think! :)


Fantastic game! This is probably the most immersed I've ever been in a game. The story got really interesting too, hope this ends up getting a sequel or something! Keep up the good work!

We're really glad you enjoyed it!

Looks neat, any chance of getting a PC copy?

Yes, coming soon!

Excited for the chance to play this! Can't wait until Halloween!

Happy to report that you won't have to wait until Halloween. And thank you! :)

Hoping to be able to play the demo once it's released as a playthrough. This game sounds very good, and for those who love themselves a in-depth puzzle & problem solving game, it sounds like they love this one.


We hope that you'll like the demo as much as we had a good time making it. Thank you!


Aw why is this being released on Halloween, I want to play his now, this is just my kind of game, can't wait to do a let's play of this. I'll be keeping an eye on you!

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Thanks for the support and kind words! If everything goes well, there's a chance the demo might be ready just before Halloween. We hope that you'll enjoy the game once it's out!

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