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I like this game but sometimes  crash or hacked?(While hacked)

I got a problem while starting, my cursor is missing and I don't know what to do.

heh, cursor is missing

I tought picking sara means saving sara. this is stupid

I loved this game when I was 14 and played it once in a while, and on every halloween xD

My girlfriend wanted to try this out for the longest time and she's happy she did.

I guess I did it wrong?

nice game

i really like it.

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Going through someone's life and deducting not just who they are but how to save them from peril is a great way to experience a story. I've played Simulacra so I've had a bit of experience with this, however that doesn't mean this wasn't as good. It was well scripted and I got lost in the immersion so many times I forgot I was playing a game, like I was actually caught in this conspiracy of murder and maniacs. 
Well done. 


Why EXACTLY did 12 year old me nut over this game?




Sorry. Bad wording.

About 6 years ago I made an absolutely FOAMING post about how this game was a gripping masterclass in horror in suspense and proverbially coomed over the immense, horrifying plotline, complete with a timelapsed recreation of my exact, panicked, amazed reaction to the game's riveting plot twists.

After replaying it, it's kind of a mediocre plot with ideas that have definitely been done before. It was apparently just too much for my tweezer mind to handle.


damn alr i understand

excuse me..??

lmaoooo I love the out of context comment to this


idk how to download this someone help me?

a very spooky and amazing game!


This game was amazing! though i did nearly piss my pants when i played the game but besides that, I love it :)

Why is this game not working with Xbox game bar

I remember playing this game back in 2018 ima be honest there really hasnt been an unique creepy game like this for a quite a long time. I like how they base this off you using someone else cellphone game. Well done. 


Cannot WAIT to play Simulacra, Simulacra 2 and Pipe Dreams after this! 
Had a blast playing this super unique horror!

Also part 2:
Thanks for making such great games!

Pretty good, don't really see the hype but I think that's more of a matter of personal taste and not feeling sucked into it. Maybe there is something more there that I didn't see? What I can say though is that it is very well made. I can appreciate how much effort was put into it. Wouldn't recommend but wouldn't say it's a bad game in the slightest

These developers made SIMULACRA later. If you didn’t play - i highly recommend it.

Thanks for letting me know! I'll try it out

i loved playing this so much , the story and the visual is amazing. I hope there will be more games like this :) thank u for making this game . 

This game kinda sus tbh

I finished the games!

Love this game! I know I'm very late to the party since I've never played it until now, but wow! Really loved how there were multiple choices to make and the creepyness and suspense really got me!
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i almost threw my computer on the first jumpscare. very good

I remember how i played this game first time in summer of 2017. I remember how i waited first SIMULACRA to be released. But i still memorizing this game, it was first. Best indie horror game.

My browser opens to this website upon exiting the game after every play through.

Has this happened to anyone else?


Not sure why something like that would happen, just curious about what'd happen if you bought the plate, lol.

Very unique and scary game!




I don't play horror games...

This game is amazing! Loved it!

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ughhhh I love games with that kind of freedom, but i'm so scared to play... 

I've downloaded it, wish me luck.

did you have fun

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I like this game alot and I got some good scares out of it! But there is something about this game that made me confused. Whenever I finish a play through of this game, it sends me to a Microsoft support scam and I just don't like that. Again, this game is great and all but the fact that I almost get scammed when I finish makes me confused and kind of dissappointed :(

Incredible game with a couple of problems, 1 i experianced a few crashes secondly story wise i had a problem with paganism beind used as a evil creepy trope this game could of been amazing without that. 

i can't figure out how to open the game??????? idk maybe i'm just dumb

I downloaded it  on google play and I just tapped on it and I brought me there. You prob have some technical issues


This game actually still holds up to this day. Here is a recent gameplay that I did. If you guys are interested.

Goddamn. Really impressive,


I recently found and play this game despite it being so old but wow am I impress. How the heck have I not seen this until now!. Such a unique game and great concept. The gameplay is also so polished. Too bad I made the wrong choice at the end :(.


Ik that redroom video was literally scary images off of google but the way it was layed out, that stuff's terrifying


Played with my friend, It's very cool. But I'm curious about the group with deleted messages, it's there some manner I can  see the messages?

yes indeed

what was that group

Sara is with me 

this game is very fun to play, but if you look closely in one of those videos the "haunted" ones you can actually see clips from other creepypasta stories and a short clip from the marble hornets series. i feel like it would've been more interesting if they found a way to make they're own haunting clips, and it would've made it just MORE horrifying.

though i still loved playing this game a lot, so keep up with all the good and scary work.  

I appreciate all the effort that you all put into making this game, as well as your other games. I hope you all are staying safe, and doing well.

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