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Very cool game!!

I played this game hoping to be scared, and quite honestly I feel more empty than scared. GREAT GAME

Also, I got so into the story I messed up my ending.

This game already plays on my fears, Human interaction and phones, so I headed into the game already expecting something scary,

at first I thought this would be I found Sara's phone and needed to negotiate with a kidnapper, which was true to a point... but we wont go into that yet.

Sara is in college studying parasience and paranormal activity as it fits into modern day life, which is actually pretty fascinating! but as she delves deeper she is gotten into danger.

this game was awesome, I got the bad ending as in, I killed Sara because I was unclear if the name I choose was the one to live or die, however this game is to have multiple endings so I will be playing the other endings as well,

no real complaints to the game, it was awesome, I would have liked to see more depth into the character and her studies. maybe even more scares, although I cant really give a full opinion until I play all the endings, so I will play these endings and then write a more complete review,

8/10 thus far though

Not a bad game, gets real creepy towards the end. If you want a playthrough with my honest feelings about it, and some comical relief, check out my gameplay

This game is unique and very very terrifying. I nearly pissed myself when I played this game.

Here's my playthrough of the game. Excuse the bad commentating. It's the first video I recorded with facecam. On top of that, I'm also terrified lol

If you like what you saw, check out my channel by clicking the link below:

cool mine?

Thanks! Yeah dude it's a pretty cool name

Does this game have any other ending??? I get given the coordinates then it ends...feeling a bit ripped off.

I'd love to play this game, but I only have Windows 10, 32-bit on my Laptop. Would it be possible to make a Windows 32-bit version and upload it here as well?

this is such a great horror game it would be even better if it contiunes and you dont die and you join the group I mean interested

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Let me just say that this game actually started to freak me out so bad that i was peering over my shoulder until i had to pause the game and head back into reality. After that It was hard to re-submerge myself.

I enjoyed this game, but it realy need a lot of work.

The e-mail from James includes some signals, but it proved to be useless. There is no useful clues in the Notes. And the gallery cannot give me more clues. only one picture lead to a strange persom.

And when I talked with Irizu, i think oh the game start. it turns out that it is the end of the whole game.

well, l am looking forward to the update of it.

I slightly agree I would like to see them continue it I feel dying was an upsetting ending I did it twice to see what would happen if I chose other answers and the group if we did i would like to see what happen so pleasr update it I had fun playi

My gameplay:

There are a few ups and downs but still an awesome game and worth playing


Really liked the concept. Sure, I'd like a bit more freedom and to be able to make more choices (and for them to alter the outcome). However, I loved playing Sara Is Missing and it left me wanting more! Thanks Monsoon Lab :D

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SPOILERS, but you might not mind the spoilers if you don't feel like wasting your time with a half-baked game.

The game is a result of a singular lack of knowledge of what a game is. This is not a game where you make choices and the outcome of the game is affected by them, this is a story that you are taken by the hand and walked through like a child, step by step, until you reach the one conclusion that the game allows. You are only given the illusion of choice. You can't call or text people to gather information or let them know you have Sara's phone, but you can reply to the TWO people that text you, on a few conditions: You can only reply when the game says you can reply; You can only say what the assistant AI, "Iris", wants you to say (which is just "Siri" backwards, very unoriginal); You can't message someone who is "Offline", but they can message you. You can also answer calls, but you only get called by one person, twice, and you HAVE to answer, otherwise they call literally infinitely until you pick up, and they just breathe a lot and text you, then call you AGAIN, then text you, and then they die. Oh, but you can keep them from dying if you send someone a link to a video where they die soon after watching it-- just like The Ring, except, the villain "Irizu" kills that person whether or not you send the link. And then, you have to choose who the villain kills next, Sara or Faith, and he gives you ten seconds to make the choice. Whatever you choose doesn't matter here, either, because if you choose Faith he kills Faith, and you get shamed into feeling like a sick individual for choosing who dies, like you're playing god. If you don't make a choice at all, Iris texts FOR you and demands that Faith dies, so she dies, and Iris shames your indecision. If you choose Sara, then Sara does die, and Iris is angry, but you get the EXACT SAME ending dialogue no matter what: With Iris saying that you won't make it much longer, and that you've become a part of something bigger. It sounds like Irizu was playing the role of Iris the whole time, but it's not like it matters because the choices you make in the game affect only ONE thing-- how Iris responds in dialogue after you make the choice. That's it.

And one more thing-- the game isn't legitimately scary in any way. It does contain pictures of light gore, A LOT of wrong information on Wiccan history and practice, and two videos which are full of garbled noise and clips from other videos. The videos may cause some jump scares, but we don't jump from jump scares because we're frightened (because there was no suspense), we jump because we were surprised that there was suddenly a loud noise and a flash of black and red.

Overall a poorly conceptualized, poorly executed, poorly written game that I am just GLAD I chose not to pay for.


this game needs alot of work. I don't know If you asked permission to use those videos or pictures but you could get sued for that. The game felt very one sided and the ai was way to human lime that izu person was cont rolling the ai all along. And do your research on the pagan religon. Roman catholic church made pagans into horn person doesn't mean they ever were. Do your history reasearch. The game felt way to not real. The story was very cleche, and not scary. Jump scares don't equal out to scary. This game could be better if it set the mood much better.


I had a little ploblem . I can open the game at first time but after I close it . I can't open again T_T . I use window 7 64bit. is someone know how to fix this problem ?


Can you developers please make an option to run the game on Windowed Mode?


This is a waste of time, some dumbass actuallly spent time and money to make this garbage. Its not even a game, you just text some jackass. Fuck you if you paid for this

well aren't you just a bright ray of sunshine, shaming people for their game choices


One of the most unique games I've played. Bravo! Left me wanting more.


Pretty cool! 9/10

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #doug the dog 10/10!!!!!!!!!

hey checkout my gameplay. subs if you enjoyed watching me scream

man!! This game is amazing, I just want to see more about this 😏

i pick sara to save her but why... why did she have t die?

SPOILS: they ask you to say the name of who you want to die, not who you want to save

you have to pick who is going to die not save in 10 seconds it will choose faith

Finally I found the time to edit the first part of this let's play. I so liked the way this game was presented, with us looking for some clues in lost girl's phone. I bet those who downloaded it on mobile phone had even better experience. You know even if those themes of hacked devices, red rooms, killing people for fun are now really popular because of their actualities, this game still was quite unique. Though the only minus for me was that our decisions weren't really changing a thing. If we would act as a maniac with a cult or a saint, in the end it wouldn't even matter. We would get the exact same ending. But all in all...really nice game ^_^

This was really scary. 9/10 rating!

- Alpha Media Groups

The story is very intriguing. It builds up the story through the text messages exchanged between Sara and her friends. The jumpscares, to be honest, almost killed me. One issue I have with this game is the ending. It was a bit of a letdown, to be honest. But overall, this is a great game! Here is my playthrough video of me playing the whole game, and giving commentary in Filipino.

saan ka na jumpscare?

Dun sa tumawag si James, at marami pang iba. XD

The developers said:

Sorry but this game is not supported by your device. We sincerely Regret that you are experiencing issues.

OpenGL 2.0 or higher with the FBO extension is required. OpenGl version: 1.4.0 -Build




Renderer:Intel Pineview Platform

Please update your graphics drivers and try again.


The Developers

(What should i do with this? I'm too excited to wait it download finish and then this came out..pls help me with this. Thank you. And btw im from Malaysia! <3)

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I really love the execution of this game and how it simulates using a phone. While I felt awkward digging through her personal information, I realized it was just that immersive. Very well done. I actually hope there is more to this story, and I look forward to more games from this developer!

This is...(embarrassing to admit) of the scariest games I've played. I started crying, because I'm such a baby about horror and I hadn't really expected to get scared. xD Regardless, thanks for the experience. <3


This was a fun concept. My only complaint was the lack of alternate endings other than the final choice, but all in all this was a fun arg. I kinda want to download it to a throw away phone and leave it in the middle of a park somewhere, just to see people's reactions.

Guys be sure to check out my playthrough of this game!!


really lackluster horror clips that people have seen, ABYSSMALLY bad plot holes? IRIS is COMPLETELY unbelievable as a phone AI, and the story felt hamfisted and lame. sorry.

A game about snooping on a girls phone who is a complete stranger to you to find out what happened to her and where she has gone. A grim and creepy atmosphere is created with a simplistic but effective style. But I'm sure you knew that already.

That game made my heart pump so fast.

It Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 does work in this game?

How did u make the vids and pics?

THIS GAME, so the coordinates go to a real place?

yes they do, just enter them in google and it will mark the spot on the map; bzw im currently in kuala lumpur and i have a big urge to go there and see why the game gives us these koordinates ;

Hey Guys! I made a video to support this awesome game!

More people need to play this!

Come check it out!

leave a like if you enjoy it!

and maybe even subscribe ;)

It's definitely interesting I haven't been able to get any other endings yet I'll take to YouTube to see the rest of the game. the music is really chill and fits the game well!

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